About the game Frizzle Fraz

The game series Frizzle Fraz is one of the most popular games by children out of the variety of online games and flash games. The series includes three games and will soon be expected the fourth Frizzle Fraz game, Frizzle Fraz 4. The series has won numerous awards and honors for the best game.

Frizzle Fraz is a jumpy creature which finds himself in a different world every time, each time trying to find his way to the exit door. To complete each level the fuzzy creature must jump over obstacles and evil creatures. Frizzle Fraz is a single player game but it is possible to keep score for more than one player. You can play the game in turns and each person will continue from exactly the same level he was last time. 

In each game starting with Frizzle Fraz 1 and so on, the characters become cuter and frazier. In each game Frizzle Fraz meets new evil creatures that he must avoid and more advance obstacles. Like the disappearing birds, red balloons, air vents and timber lumber. Also the bad creatures become more advance over the games. Please be especially careful from the purple spiders and the nut throwing squirrel.

To find a solution for each screen, you have to be fast, gentle and precise. It is very easy to miss a step and fall into water or step on a bad creature. If you have trouble finishing a level you can get assistance in our walkthrough pages and watch the solution in video. We recommend to use this option only as a last resort.

Left and right arrow keys.

The game was developed by Andrew Borisov and Dmitry Borisov. Art by Oleg Akimov. Music by IK-Sound and soundsnap.

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