Uphill rush 2

Play the second uphill rush game. Just like in the first game, the player must reach the finish line without falling, you only have four tries before the game is over. On your way, collect as many coins as possible and go as fast as possible. To be really fast, use the turbo key. The turbo key is unlocked if you make flips and stunts during the race. You can choose to compete using a scooter or a skateboard. More race competitions and difficulty levels will unlock as you go along. In each race you can customize your character’s look. You can choose to be a boy or a girl and buy better outfits and wheels with cash you collect along the race. You can customize the controls to whatever is more comfortable to you, the default controls are: The up and down arrow keys to accelerate or go in reverse. The left and right arrow keys to lean backwards and forward respectively to balance you during jumps. The space bar is for jumping. The ‘5’ key is for using the turbo engine. Keys 1 through 4 are used for stunts during jumps.

  • Uphill rush 1

    Uphill rush 1

    The classic uphill rush game, choose between a motorcycle, skateboard, quad or monster truck to take you to the finish line.

  • Uphill rush 2

    Uphill rush 2

    Show off your stunts during jumps and upgrade your character with cool outfits and wheels.

  • Uphill rush 3

    Uphill rush 3

    Show off your skill in Paris using a motorcycle or in the snow of a big city with a snowboard. Unlock levels and features as you get better.

  • Uphill rush 4

    Uphill rush 4

    Have you ever tried to ride a sheep or a dolphin? Now you can, just collect enough cash to buy your dream race car.

  • Uphill rush 5

    Uphill rush 5

    Don't go overboard when sliding with your surfboard or with your motorcycle on the deck of a yacht.

  • Uphill rush 6

    Uphill rush 6

    Water slides are fun, especially if you find cash in them. Collect the cash and go to the next level.

  • Uphill rush 7

    Uphill rush 7

    Another great game which lets you upgrage your avatar as you gain expirience and money.

  • Uphill rush 8

    Uphill rush 8

    A waterpark adventure. Rush down the water slides, do tricks and collect points.

  • Uphill rush 9

    Uphill rush 9

    We never thought a horse can do these kind of ticks.

  • Uphill rush 10

    Uphill rush 10

    This adventure will take you through the streets of New York City.